About WIMBY Detroit

Co-founded by Camila and Fai, we are dedicated to making worm composting simple and easy, with handmade products that fit right at home. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Whether you are a seasoned composter, an urbanite with limited space, or a new gardener, WIMBY will introduce you to the wonderful world of worm composting!

What's in a Name?

WIMBY flips the problem of household waste on its head. Instead of building new landfills for our trash, which everyone will agree - "Not in my Backyard!" (aka NIMBYism), we created WIMBY or "Worms In My Backyard", referring to our collective backyard and community. Worm composting with WIMBY can help each of us reduce waste and live more sustainably.

Think Globally, Act Locally

We are passionate about local: materials, employment, manufacturing and building up the worm composting network in Detroit and SE Michigan.